Montenegro special callsign

operated by Czech amateurs

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Our little expedition is over. All team members returned to their homes on Tuesday evening after a hard journey. Thank you all for the QSO and for your support. We will upload all logs and start processing the QSL requests. The uploaded logs so far show 1734 QSOs from 57 countries. We are also preparing to upload the logs to LoTW. If you are interested in QSL, request it on OQRS.

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Saturday 7.10.2023, we continue in Montenegro. Durmitor National Park and Nature Park Dragisnica & Komarnica. Activation of SOTA Sedlena Greda. We also do FT8 and CW QSO. Thank you all for your support and look forward to further contacts. You can request QSL on Clublog.

You can see pictures below.

It is Thursday morning, October 5, 2023. We are currently traveling from the southern part of Montenegro to the Lovćen Mountains area, heading towards the town of Cetinje. After that, we plan to proceed to the town of Nikšić and continue our journey to Durmitor National Park. We have had numerous enjoyable QSOs using phone, CW, and FT8 modes. All our QSO logs are being consistently recorded on Clublog. If you wish to request a QSL card, you can do so via OQRS. We appreciate your support and look forward to further contacts.

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Clublog’s Online QSL Request System

Our QSL policy:

All QSOs uploaded to Clublog. LOG is uploaded after its output checkout with delay. We will be happy to send you paper QSL. If you are interested in paper QSL, use Clublog’s excellent OQRS to request your Direct or Bureau QSLs to 4O1OK. You can do this even if you don’t have a Clublog account.

All activity will be logged as /P. Please be sure that you logged our station correctly with /P - QSO without /P cannot be answered.

Our team starting on 28 September from the Czech Republic, we will be QRV in Montenegro roughly from 29 September to 8 October 2023. On our trip we will often change our location. Please be patient, our operators are also children (from Czech radioclub OK1OMG). We will work mostly in the 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters bands, fone, but we also have a very skilled CW operator with us and mostly at night we would like to try digi modes. We are looking forward to QSO.

About QSL - please USE Clublog OQRS, read this!